Lunar Eclipse of March 3rd 2007

lunar_eclipse_05_20070303.jpgThe lunar eclipse of the 3rd March 2007 brought clear skies and good conditions across much of the UK, with only some thin high cloud arriving in Oxfordshire towards the end of the eclipse. Maximum eclipse occured at 23:20:56 – ideally timed for the UK.

More recently, on the 21st February, 2008, another lunar eclipse was visible from the UK and Europe early in the morning. However, the weather for this event was not as favourable with cloudy conditions across much of the UK (despite having a long period of clear weather in the preceding week!).

There will not be another lunar eclipse visible from the UK in its entirity until 2015 (though two will be partially visible with the eclipsed moon setting on Dec 21st 2010, and the eclipsed moon rising on June 15th 2011).

Here are some of the best images from the eclipse (if you view the gallery, make sure the post has the full width of the page to see it all – clicking the expand button or viewing the individual post):

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