Here’s some links to useful articles, though at the moment this is a rather limited section. However, I’ll try to post some more links or articles as time progresses.


  • Debian Wheezy, Apache, FCGI and PHP – Notes on changes made between Squeeze and Wheezy to mime.types which may impact on your configuration for getting fcgi working with php.
  • Setting up Tomcat on Fedora Core 5 : This document is based on some work that I did in setting up a new server at my workplace. The new server was installed with Fedora Core 5 – the previous time this was setup was on Redhat 7 (!!), and the setup routine, and Linux as a whole has changed somewhat since then. A fairly basic guide as to how to install Tomcat, Apache, setup Sun’s Java (rather than the free gcj) and correct the SELinux rules to allow apache to work as a proxy for Tomcat.
  • Installing Debian Sarge (3.1) on a Dell SC440 : This is a brief guide to setting up a Dell SC440 using Debian Sarge by using a custom Debian installer image (as recommended on Dell’s support site).

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